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About Foundation Morgan Breeders

Although this site is full of wonderful people helping to save Foundation Morgan Horses, we will tell you about the two people that created the website. 

We are identical twin sisters who heard about this crisis and felt so moved by the situation that we just had to help.

Being born on the 4th of July, we already tend to be Patriotic.  So, when we heard that America’s First Horse Breed was on the critically endangered list, well… it tugged at our hearts.  

The two of us have often times tackled projects together, but this one is different.  

This is probably one of the most important projects we will ever work on in our lives.  

Normally, the two of us can find solutions to problems ourselves, but we know this cause is so important that we had to create a place that everyone could come together and help.

American Morgan Horse

(We used our “we’re totally serious” picture to prove how serious we are, too!!)

Twin Web Design

Crisi & Kim (about 20 years ago…lol)

Someone once asked us why we created this website. It’s not “because someone had to.” It’s because WE had to. 

Whether it’s because the two of us were born on the 4th of July and feel we have a bond with being Patriotic, or the fact that we like horses…. or that we saw a worthy cause to get involved with… WE had to do it. 

It’s an almost inexplicable passion. It feels like it’s a calling in some way. America’s Horse – Foundation Morgan Horses, need our help. It just seems natural that identical twins, born on the 4th of July, in the United States, step up and make a bang to help! Join us!

Crisi Eason MBA

Crisi Eason-Myers, MBA (now)

Dr. Kim Christian (also now)

More Help To Save Morgan Horses

The Morgan Horse is listed as CRITICALLY ENDANGERED.  Despite several organizations and associations supporting the cause, it is clear the cause needs more help.

Resources For The "Small" Breeder

One of the gaps we identified in preservation and growth of Morgan Horses was the inability for smaller breeders to connect with individuals looking for a Morgan Horse.

The marketing expenses and necessary skills for a small breeder to get exposure was a significant burden.  To overcome that burden, Foundation Morgan Breeders was born.

Connecting Breeders With Buyers/Adopters

Over the years, our contributors have reported challenges of trying to find a Morgan horse or trying to find a home for a Morgan horse but finding it difficult.

For a variety of reasons, it has been a challenge to find Foundation Morgan Horse listings and a central location for buyers and adopters to find a Foundation Morgan Horse or a High Percentage Morgan Horse.

This Foundation Morgan Breeders website solves that problem by including a place for breeders to have their own web page on the site as well as a place for breeders to list any Foundation Morgan horses or High Percentage Morgan horses for sale or adoption.

How To Help

Fees for services are nominal and support a wide range of activities related to the preservation and growth of Morgan horses.  We have a variety of ways you can help with the preservation efforts of Morgan horses.