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OGO Morgan Horses

Old Growth Oak Morgan Horses (OGO Morgan Horses) is owned and operated by Wendy LeGate in Northern Nevada. She has a passion for the preservation of Foundation Morgan Horses and looks for opportunities to incorporate all of the traditional, or foundation, bloodlines.

Wendy currently owns 10 Foundation Morgan Horse Mares, 2 Foundation Morgan Stallions, and 2 young fillies. To connect with Wendy, you can visit her website, find her on social media, or send her a message through the contact form listed below.

Services & Activities

OGO Morgan Horses offers a variety of services in addition to California Working Western Foundation Morgan Horses for sale.  Wendy offers the following services:

  • Private Treaty / Lease Agreements
  • Stud Services
  • Young Stock For Sale
  • Frozen Semen Available: OGO Sellman Hill and Co, OGO Windswept Soliel, Canyon of Quietude
Wendy is also currently involved in the following activities:
  • Education through Social Media
  • Mentoring
Feel free to contact Wendy through the contact form below with any specific questions.

Brief History Of OGO Morgan Horses

Wendy LeGate’s first Foundation Morgan Horses were Higuera Bandido and WoodRose Katrina from California Working Western Bloodlines.

Wendy later added the bloodlines of Circle H Merlita, Castle Monterey, Two C Sissy Herod, Can Don Joshua Danny, Primavera Valdez, Ranchboss Cortez, and Vining Lamar.

Wendy continues to breed Foundation Morgan Horses and helps others with their breeding programs.

Visit Wendy’s website to learn more about Wendy Legate’s OGO Morgan Horses.

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