OGO Morgan Horses Old Growth Oak

The Morgan Horse has been a treasured breed since the late 1700s.  

Known as “America’s Horse”, the Morgan Horse has been loved for characteristics such as their wonderful personalities, versatility, loyalty, affection, and beauty (just to name a few).  

Those characteristics that made the Morgan Horse so loved and desired years ago are still present in the breed today. 

Over the years, people have bred Morgan Horses with other breeds to mix characteristics.  Although this has helped create new wonderful breeds, it has led to a decline in the full Morgan Horse bloodlines.  

In the early 1900s, Dick Sellman recognized the need to try to preserve the Morgan Horse and strived to preserve the breed through his breeding program.  In 1907, the United States Government stepped up and created a program to breed Morgan Horses. 

Foundation Morgan Horses Are Critically Endangered

In 1942, Mrs. Helen B. Greenwalt wrote “if we are to bring the Morgan Horse back to his proper position in the horse world of the United States and keep the breed, its qualities and its characteristics before the general public, as well as the horse breeder, MORE SUPPORT IS NEEDED FROM MORGAN OWNERS.”  

Mrs. Helen B. Greenwalt was right.  Today, the Foundation Morgan Horse, also referred to as the Traditional Morgan Horse, is classified by the Livestock Conservancy as CRITICALLY ENDANGERED.  

Purpose of Foundation Morgan Breeders

We Need To Save Foundation Morgan Horses

We can’t just rely on Morgan Horse owners to help save the breed.  In 1942, we did not have the same outlets of communication as we do now.  It’s time we use these outlets to spread the word.  WE NEED TO SAVE FOUNDATION MORGAN HORSES!

FoundationMorganBreeders.com has been created to help Foundation Morgan Horse Breeders find other people to help them.  The site allows anybody in the world the ability to learn about and help save Foundation Morgan Horses.  We need to step it up and make a raucous.